NutraSlim for Her – ECA Stack

NutraSlim for Her ECA / ECY StackNutraSlim for Her ECA Stack with Ephedra – 90 tablets

The technology used to create NutraSlim for Her cannot be compared to any other weight-loss aid or fat burning product currently available.

NutraSlim for Her Benefits :
* Extremely Fast Weight Loss
* Increased Levels of Energy
* Reduction of Body Fat
* Great to Use as a Pre-Workout Stimulant
* ECA Stack (Ephedra-Caffeine-Aspirin)
* Increase of Thermogenics (calorie burning)

NutraSlim for HER is an ultimate strength product that contains ephedra and is designed for ultimate weight loss results in women.

NutraSlim for Her ECA Stack is one of only a few ultimate diet pills containing ephedra that has ever been manufactured for woman. These unique ingredients work together to assist the body with losing extra pounds and excess belly fat fast. HealthSources has been a trusted and competent supplier of supplements for years, and NutraSlim for Her is just another amazing product that gets the results our you, as the customer, are looking for. This product is specifically formulated just for women.

NutraSlim for Her ECA Stack is the first fat burning product containing 13.5 mg to hit the market that is scientifically formulated to produce the promised results. Basically, other fat burners advertising amazing abilities of their products and make promises that they can’t keep, just to get you to try their fat-burning pills. Some even offer money back guarantees. But most of these products so no results.

HealthSource: NutraSlim for Her ECA Stack with ephedra was specifically created to work with a woman’s body chemistry. It is unlike any other product you have ever tried. Weight loss is about more than just losing inches; it is also about feeling and looking amazing. More importantly, it is about being healthy and burning fat while still having energy to make it through the day without a crash. It can be a quite a challenge to burn body fat in unwanted areas and still maintain energy.

Have you ever tried a fat burner with ephedra? How about one that contains 25mg, or even 30 mg of ephedra? The market is being overwhelmed by fat burners containing ephedra; all made for men, not women. Fat-burning products that contain more than 13.5mg are too strong for a women’s body and often cause side effects such as feeling jittery, nausea, headaches or a racing heartbeat.

NutraSlim for Her contains Ephedra (Ephedrine), Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine), Phenylethylamine HCL, Theobroma Cocoa, Green Tea, Yohimbe, Yohimbine HCL, Naringin, White Willow.

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